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Taste of Home brought flavors of the season

By Staff | Nov 6, 2016

Guy Klinzing is taking his victory lap with Taste of Home. This fall marks Klinzing’s final season with Taste of Home Cooking School.

Klinzing said, “It has been a wonderful eight-plus years and I have so enjoyed cooking for each and every one of you and representing such a great brand in Taste Of Home. I have conducted more than 270 shows in 25 states on this grand adventure and I wouldn’t have traded away a minute of it.”

As part of his final tour, Klinzing demonstrated recipes for fall ranging from personal lasagnas to chicken sausage meatballs with florentine sauce on spaghetti squash, to cheeseburger soup, to stuffed pork tenderloin, to chocolate zucchini cake.

Giving hints and tips and definitions throughout each recipe, Klinzing also told jokes and stories, and made use of his acting background to get the crowd motivated.

Intermission brought a fashion show from Style Loft, and door prizes from the dishes cooked at the show to a microwave went out to randomly drawn winners present at the show.

Tessa Sokolofsky stepped up to help Guy create the final recipe, the chocolate cake, and to pass out door prizes.

More than 150 home cooks from the region went home with gift bags and ideas for holiday food to last beyond this season.