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Supervisors canvass 2016 election results

By Staff | Nov 16, 2016

The Emmet County Supervisors canvassed the county’s election results. County Auditor Amy Sathoff said there were lots of election day registrations and over 1,600 absentee ballots. Emmet County had a turnout of nearly 65 percent of its eligible voters, though the high in recent years has been 68 percent.

On the ballot for the County Extension Board, voters were asked to choose five candidates of six, but the ballot did not reflect the vacancy. Four will be chosen by popular vote, with one appointed to fill the vacancy.

The Emmet County Fair Board updated the Supervisors on re-roofing the Skateland building. Fair Board president Brett Mays, Dan Lutat, Brian Rosberg, Betty Fiddler, and Candace Harvey presented an estimate from Opie’s for just over $48,000, to include repairing the leak in the showbarn and the fascia board in the exposed gable end of the old Armory.

The supervisors requested that the fair?board come back with at least three bids.

Supervisors Chair Tim Schumacher asked Mays, “Just for an idea, how much of the funding do you have now?”

Mays said, “We have enough for the two little jobs.”?

Schumacher said the re-roofing of the Old Armory was “a good use of Local Option Sales Tax (LOST)?funds.

Supervisor Alan Madden said, “The fairgrounds are more of a direct benefit to the people in the unincorporated areas whose taxes fund the LOST?programs.”?

Lutat said, “It will be interesting to see the energy savings from the re-roofing.”?

Fiddler reported that this year had been the 148th one for the Emmet County Fair, 2017 would be the 149th, and 2018 would be the 150th year of the Emmet County Fair.

“It would be nice to have everything that needs repair or refurbishing done for the 150th,”?Fiddler said.

Mays said, “These buildings would become multi-use instead of just for use during the fair.”?

The board also considered a fireworks permit for the date range from Nov. 18 to Dec. 3 for a surprise event. The property owners will contact the board with the specific date of the event before setting off the fireworks. No further information was made available.

Nancy Danielson advised the Supervisors of the Iowa Community Assurance Pool (ICAP) insurance premium. The supervisors approved remaining at the $6 million level. Previously, a jump to 7 million in coverage was discussed. Danielson said Palo Alto County has $5 million, and Dickinson and Kossuth County have $4 million. The supervisors chose to not increase the coverage at this time, as it is in keeping with surrounding counties. Danielson said, “I’d consider it my job to come to you yearly to put this in front of you.”?

The supervisors will consider a possible increase next year.

County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth?updated the supervisors on the four bridges now operating below standard. Davis-Oeth said he would perform further testing on the bridges and start work on the two bridges along N52. County Highway A34 runs between the two bridges.

Davis-Oeth said he had not determined which part of the budget this work would come from.

“I?consider it a priority,”?Davis-Oeth said.

The next meeting of the Emmet County Board of Supervisors is Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 9 a.m. in the Board Room of the Emmet County Courthouse.