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King: ‘Whole new dawn for America’

By Staff | Dec 18, 2016

Congressman Steve King and local district representative Andrea Easter stopped by Estherville to talk about the new administration and congress, and to talk law enforcement with Estherville police chief Brent Shatto.

“More than eight years ago, the United States was in a dramatic economic downturn. More regulations and executive orders diminished our freedom. This president-elect has a desire to serve back a large portion of these freedoms,”?Rep. King said.

King said he had a chance to converse with President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump’s thank you speech in Des Moines.

“He is a warm, open person. He waved me over to talk with me behind the curtain.”

King further described President-Elect Trump as “interested and interesting, engaging, smart, and able to connect his intelligence with his instinct.”?

Among the things King said will be reversed in the first days are a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, all of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and numerous executive orders signed by President Obama.

King is a long-time friend of Vice-President Elect Pence.

“On a plane back to the Midwest, we had a good conversation,”?King said.

King applauded the investment in wind energy in Emmet, Palo Alto and Dickinson counties.

“I think we have worked well with the wind energy, continuing the producer tax credit for a few years, then tapering down to give wind a soft landing,”?King said.

“Wind energy is good for Iowa. We can harness the wind like Pecos Bill harnessed the cyclone,”?King said.

About the protests against Dakota Access and Rock Island Clean Line pipelines, King said, “Eminent domain should be a last resort, and if you can’t get it done through negotiation, we want to respect property rights.?most easements for those easements were negotiated.”?

King said pipeline easements have saved family farms by providing steady income to the family, allowing it to stay on the farm.

“We haven’t had many complaints about the easements or payments in our office,”?King said.

King addressed the Social Security Integrity Act he introduced in June, 2015.

The Act would order the social security administration to enhance its auditing and recordkeeping in order to determine if 6.5 million people who were 112 or older as of the fall of 2014, are really unreported deaths, with others fraudulently receiving their benefits.

“This is going to be a difficult one to lead through the Ways &?Means committee,”?King said. “We will have to slip it in as an amendment to another bill,”?King said.

King said he is enjoying the new dawn for America.

“People in our district seem happier, more optimistic. They’re investing more capital, planning more business startups, growing, and hiring people,”?King said.

The King, who lives in Kiron, a few miles outside Denison in rural Crawford County, says his family is preparing for Christmas.

“As [King’s wife] Marilyn sets the turkey down, I will say the blessing. In recounting all of our blessings this year, our children and grandchildren will shuffle, Marilyn will clear her throat more than once, and our turkey will be cold by the time I?am finished.”?

Rep. King was re-elected last month to an eighth term in the U.S. Congress.