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Emmet and Palo Alto Supervisors host joint meeting

By Staff | Jan 15, 2017

The Emmet County and Palo Alto County Boards of Supervisors held a joint meeting Thursday at the River Valley Telephone Company Board room in Graettinger.

County Engineer for both counties, Walter Davis-Oeth, discussed with the joint board the 28E agreement for sharing a county engineer. Davis-Oeth reviewed the changes to the agreement which include making payments monthly rather than quarterly. Davis-Oeth also discussed changes to paragraph 5 which allows his best judgment to share county equipment between counties and to get reimbursed from the other county.

Davis-Oeth also asked if changes needed to be made to agreement for a county to terminate at no monetary expense. The joint board approved the measure, saying no change was needed.

Jeff Quastad asked about mileage on the truck, and Walter explained that the mileage reimbursement is the same split as the agreement which is 57% for Palo Alto County and 43% for Emmet County.

Discussion was held on weed control in ROW and spraying of the drainage ditches.

Discussion was held about the number of deputies at each Sheriff’s office, including full and part time officers and wages.

Davis-Oeth discussed the possibility of a sharing option of purchasing a piece of specialty equipment at some point down the road.

The counties compared employee wages, raises and health insurance.