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Working toward compliance

By Staff | Mar 24, 2017

The council sold this house to Tyler Kilgore at Monday night's meeting. Kilgore is obligated to make certain repairs and remodels to the house soonest, under the contract.

The Estherville City Council moved forward with improvements on the wastewater treatment plant.

At its regular meeting on Monday, council discussed the plan with Mike Carr of DGR Engineering, the Project Manager.

Carr said the current permit expires in 2020, and if the treatment plant is not in compliance, there are various levels of compelling a city’s cooperation.

Carr said the changeover in federal power to the Trump administration means new Environmental Protection Agency staff could slow down new, more stringent requirements in the future, however, the current requirements will stay in place.

He estimated that it will be about 2020 before the $15.3 million project is complete.

The council also approved two agreements with the Iowa Department of Transportation: one for federal aid of $136,000 to improve the Central Avenue Bridge. City administrator Penny Clayton said the improvements include widening the sidewalk, adding lighting, crash barriers; the other for $5,000 in reimbursement for new stop and yield signs.

“These are signs that are being replaced due to age, which have not already been recently replaced,” Clayton said.

The signs are purchased from Iowa Prison Industries, Clayton said.

In other business, council approved the sale of a home at 318 S. Eighth St. to Tyler Kilgore for his bid of $5,000. The city had offered the excess property for sealed bid with the hope that a future owner/occupant would take the house and qualify for a $10,000 grant against expenses in renovating it. The house was full of a considerable amount of debris, which the city hired Lyle Clarken to remove. Kilgore said, however, there were many items left in the garage, and he asked the city to cover the expense of removing those items, as well as some that had been frozen to the ground at the time Clarken hauled the other items away.

The city council agreed, setting an upper cap of $420 at the landfill for Kilgore to haul up to six loads at a top range of $70 depending upon capacity.

With that, the sale was approved. Kilgore is required to fix several exterior items in the immediate coming months, and replace nearly all of the physical plant systems also within a specified time frame. The council also set a public hearing for the 2017 Curb and Gutter Improvements Project for April 17 at 5 p.m.

The locations are:

n Along South 7th St. between 2nd Ave. S. and 4th Ave. S.

n South 8th St. between 2nd Ave. S. and 5th Ave. S.

n South 10th St. between 2nd Ave. S. and 4th Ave. S.

n 8th Ave. S. between S. 11th St. and S. 12th St.

The next meeting of the city council will be April 3 at 5 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.