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Neighbors vote 21-0 against another NFP site

By Staff | Apr 12, 2017

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing at Tuesday’s meeting for a new construction permit for BWT/New Fashion Pork, called Farm 267 Origer East in Center Township (Section 21).

Members of the public requested that the supervisors create a resolution, as several Iowa counties have, asking the DNR review the 2002 Master Matrix.

The supervisors agreed to consider it. Chuck Gardner asked to set up a future meeting with one of the legislators and the supervisors.

“We can certainly do that,”?supervisor chair Bev Juhl said.

“The Master Matrix process is not enough. We need local control,”?Jay Lausen said. “We are asking you as elected officials to help us out.”

Juhl said the consensus is that the Matrix needs to be redone to better serve the needs of everyone in the community.

Supervisor Tim Schumacher said, “This is a great conversation about issues we are all concerned about.”?

Resident Darryl Madison said it felt like the hog confinement companies were treated as important, but “people that live in our rural area are important, too.

Gardner said, “The state is not going to help us.?They are allowing this to happen. If this trend continues, our county is going to change drastically, and our quality of life will decrease.”?

Jay Moore of New Fashion Pork said, “We have invested in this county, with our feed mill located here. We buy in this county and provide jobs in this county. We will always try to do the right hting.”?

The supervisors’ role was to vote on whether they believed the site legitimately scored 440 or greater on the Master Matrix.

After the public hearing, the board unanimously moved to recommend the master matrix, with the score being 525 points.

The record will note a vote of the members of the public present. This site was voted 21 against the project and 0 for it.

Chuck Gardner presented a paper with a hog confinement near Maple Hill used as an example to show the amount of revenue a factory style hog site generates.

The property has sold a few times in the last several years, and for those sales was valued at over $500,000.

Gardner said one of the burdens to neighboring property owners of the corporate hog confinements is the maintenance of the secondary roads.

The property was assigned a taxable value on buildings minus the land of just over $26,000.

Gardner said, “To get the breakdown of how much of this $583.61 actually goes to maintain the roads that service these buildings rather than to schools and other sources you would have to take the $536.61 times 15.185 percent = $81.48.(Rural service basic percentage) Then take $81.48 x 90 percent (County has been allocating 90 percent of that fund in recent years) to equal a figure that would be very close to $73.33 which represents this tax years contribution to the roads.”

Gardner wanted the public to understand the building valuation on this lot would cause the owners to pay only $73.33 towad their share of road maintenance.

In other business, the board reviewed the monthly claims for Emmet County, and approved drainage claims.

Walter Davis-Oeth, Emmet County Engineer, discussed an Iowa DOT?Project, replacing overhead flashing lights at six intersections. The state covers all of the costs, including installation. The board signed the agreement with the state.

The board also approved a utiltiy permit for Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative between sections 3 and 10 of Twelve Mile Lake Township to replace existing overhead lines with an underground boring.

The board also reviewed the Manure Management Plans for New Fashion Pork, Farm 228-Booth in Section 6 of Armstrong Grove Township and for Charles Henningsen,?Finisher in Highland Township, Palo Alto County.

The next meeting of the Emmet County Board of Supervisors is Tuesday, April 18 at 9 a.m. in the board room of the Emmet County Courthouse.