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Plans continue for Gold Star Memorial

By Staff | May 5, 2017

Terry Reekers and Kenny Billings, representing the Gold Star Family Memorial, presented drawings of the planned monument to the Emmet County Board of Supervisors at Tuesday’s meeting.

Reekers said out of a list of a half dozen locations for the monument, the courthouse lawn met all the requirements. The supervisors approved the placement of the monument somewhere on the courthouse lawn, and requested drawings of the monument set at various places around Courthouse Square before approving the final location. Reekers said the funds for the monument could be raised and the monument installed in the summer of 2018.

Roxane Budach of the county personnel committee addressed the supervisors about proposed personnel policy changes and corrections to the personnel handbook. One of the primary changes was about attendance on snow days in which there is a tow ban.

The supervisors also added changes to the resolution requesting a review of the Master Matrix. The supervisors chose to put changing the resolution on next week’s agenda with the additional changes. The supervisors said they are open to possibly adding a good neighbor policy to the county’s permit rules.

The supervisors also approved a $10,616.60 expenditure for the entryway roof areas and windbreaks on the east and west doors of the courthouse.

Don Reefer of B&W Control Specialists and Roxanne Christensen, Emmet County Weed Commissioner, addressed the board about the weed spraying policy and the contract presented to B&W. Reefer said, “I’m concerned about the new policy and no-spray program. My guys need guidelines to follow when they decide to spray or not to spray.”

Reefer said he was concerned about spraying in front of residences with children or pets outside, or a garden near the property line.

County engineer Walter Davis-Oeth said his office has received few public comments about the new weed control and no-spray policy.

“This indicates to me that we are not getting the message out the way we would want,” Davis-Oeth said.

Sending a mass mailing to the entire county is not practical, Davis-Oeth said.

“If [Christensen] would compile a list of names and addresses, we would be happy to send a direct mailing,” Davis-Oeth said.

Christensen offered to contact residents along the Ingham Lake roadside.

The supervisors also signed a joint drainage agreement with Martin County, Fairmont, Minn.

The next meeting of the Emmet County Supervisors will be held at 9 a.m. in the board room of the Emmet County Courthouse.