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2017 Emmet County Relay for Life Honorary Cancer Survivors

By Staff | May 30, 2017

Twenty years ago, Betty Rosburg went in for a mammogram not thinking anything was wrong, when they found a lump.

“I was really fortunate,” Rosburg said. The doctors ordered a lumpectomy and she took Tamoxifin for five years, which was supposed to provide five years of protection from breast cancer.

“They’ve come a long way with treatments since I had it,” Rosburg said.

“Get your screenings done. That’s the secret. They talk about fighting cancer, but even better is staying ahead of it, Rosburg said.

Rosburg lives with Richard, her husband of nearly 54 years on a farm once owned by Richard’s grandfather just northeast of the Huntington elevator. She grew up on a farm by High Lake with two brothers. Her father farmed, then when her parents moved to town, he worked at the Wallingford elevator and her mother worked in Estherville at the hospital.

In the farming operation, Betty raised the couple’s three sons and when needed ran the combine.

“Farming has been a good life,” Betty said.

“Short and sweet; that’s my focus,” Rosburg said of telling others to get tested regularly so cancer can be caught early.

Rosburg said there is a wonderful group of teams who work very hard to raise money for cancer through Relay for Life.

“We have had so many successful years. We’re a small county, but a big one for Relay for Life,” Rosburg said.

Since her remission from cancer, Betty said she has lived her life. Betty sings in the choir at the Methodist church in Huntington, raised flowers, and spent time with her friends at Rusty Hinges, the senior water exercise class at the RWC.

“We have a great time,” Betty said of the Rusty Hinges group.

The church at Huntington is part of the family legacy as Dick’s parents and grandparents had attended the church.

Betty and Richard have three sons. “We’ve gone from a family of five to a family of close to 20,” Betty said.

Seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren have come into the family, along with their daughters in law. The couple stays busy traveling to visit their children and grandchildren.