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City approves $150,000 for Avera ER

By Staff | Jul 20, 2017

The Estherville City Council Monday approved $150,000 for Avera Holy Family’s new emergency room capital capaign. The council also sent a request from Avera Holy Family Central to vacate the block of Eighth Avenue North between North Eighth and Ninth streets to the city’s streets & alleys committee.

Avera Holy Family President and CEO Dale Hustedt said, “The closure will allow the hospital to redirect and improve the traffic flow of private vehicles and ambulances accessing the hospital, and will improve the parking availability for vehicles transporting patients and their families, all without need to cross a public thoroughfare.”

The new addition to the ER will allow emergency patients to have rooms instead of just curtains to separate the units, and will add a physician consult space, a family conference area, all with sightlines from the nurses’ station to all rooms for safe, efficient care of patients.

The addition will also include a dedicated decontamination room.

City administrator Penny Clayton said in the last donation to the hospital, around the year 2000, the city gave approximately $250,000.

With the cost to the city of the vacation of the public street, the city’s cash outlay of $150,000 with an additional $50,000 from Excel! Estherville was the course approved by the city.

Excel! Estherville approved the $50,000 at a meeting in late May, but final approval must come from the city council because it was not in Excel’s budget for the current fiscal year.

In other business, the city approved a second supplement to Snyder & Associates for additional engineering fees for the construction of the Jet A Fuel Facility at the airport.

The council set a goal setting meeting for Wednesday Dec. 6, 2017 and approved street closings and a fireworks permit for Sweet Corn Days.