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ELC School Board

By David Swartz - Managing Editor | Sep 24, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Estherville Lincoln Central students are doing well in following rules during school time with wearing the masks and adapting to the new rules.

At the regular ELC School Board meeting Monday, middle school principal Brad Nelson said he is impressed how well things are going.

“I was concerned about students refusing to wear masks, but they’ve done an amazing job,” Nelson said.

Procedures to have fifth and sixth grade students enter through one door and seventh and eighth grade students through a different entrance has worked well.

“The morning procedure is slick,” Nelson said, who then talked about the process of taking temperatures each day. “We had a line the first week, but we’ve streamlined since then.”

Nelson said one of the things staff has learned during this time, is that if students are home sick, they school can use the online Zoom program to check in with them.

Elementary principal Connie Humble said those students also have been very good with masks.

“They want to be in school,” she said of the students.

ELC high school principal Brad Leonard echoed the positive start to the school year in his monthly report.

“I am very pleased with the start of the year in respect to both staff, and students,” he stated. “Obviously everyone was really nervous coming into the school year, but the protocols and procedures in place have been helpful so far. We know we will have COVID cases, and the process will be cleaned up as we go, but for a start we are off and running.  The students have been great, and the teachers are working to take advantage of every minute they have with the students.”

Leonard also wrote about students eating lunch in classrooms.

“Not having a lunch room has been a distraction and created some cleaning issues in terms of keeping our facilities looking good.,” he stated. “The kids have been good about it, but when you get 400 kids eating all over the school it creates issues.”

ELC superintendent Tara Paul said the school district has had six cases since the beginning of the school year, but as of Monday, there was just one active case as five had recovered.

Paul said because of the small size of the school district, she can’t tell which building the case was in or whether it was a student or staff member.

She said the coronavirus cases apparently haven’t spread from any of the people who tested positive.

New regulations for homecoming football game

After the large crowd at last Friday’s football game with Spirit Lake, Paul said the homecoming game this Friday will have attendance restrictions.

“We’re trying to keep our side of the stadium under 1,000, which is half capacity for our size of stadium,” she said.

On Tuesday, the school district released guidelines for the homecoming game this Saturday. (see accompanying box)

Snow equipment

Maintenance director Jason Kollasch submitted proposals to purchase a Telehandler for snow removal.

The school currently contract outside the district for the main high school parking lot that extends to the middle school, as well as the Demoney bus area and dropoff lane. Kollasch says the current cost is $2,300 a “push.” The maintenance staff with blades on the front of pickups take care of the west middle school lot, circle drive, and the parking lot across the street from Demoney.

The board approved the purchase of the Telehandler from Ziegler/CAT for $53,100.