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Humboldt firm wins pool bid

Sand Construction won three-part bid; opening expected in 2022

By Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer | Nov 4, 2020

The Estherville city council Monday night awarded a bid of $3,928,593 to Sand Construction of Humboldt. The firm has completed multiple pool projects, including Humboldt, Eagle Grove, Pocahontas and Algona in northern Iowa. Sand submitted in this round of bidding with the condition that they were only interested if they were awarded all three parts: the pool vessel, the mechanical works and the bathhouse/concessions.

Sand Construction’s bid means the alternate features are all back in for the project: the climbing wall, circle drive dropoff lane, landscaping, sod and seeding.

The city will offer scholarships to youth and families to cover the increased cost operating the larger pool will require.

City administrator Penny Clayton said, “All of the features the pool committee added in its design remain the same. We can complete the entire project as designed.”

The project will also encompass the parking lot repair to tie into the south portion of the Regional Wellness Center parking lot and reconfigure it so water drainage will go where it needs to go, as well as Phases 1 and 2 of the old pool site renovation. Phase 1 is demolition of the pool to make way for the new plan for the site. Phase 2 is placing equipment as part of the new project.

Phase 3, renovation of the existing bathhouse into shelter spaces and repair of bathroom spaces is not included in the pool budget but will come from the Parks & Recreation revolving fund.

The council also awarded the sale and issuance of bonds and levy of taxes. The levy of taxes is not a new tax or a raising of taxes. Bankers Bank of Madison, Wisconsin offered a rate on the sale of $4.1 million in municipal bonds of 1.6399 percent. The current debt service levy rate for Estherville has a goal of below $2.00/$1,000 of value on local properties. If valuation remains the same, the rate will stay at $1.50-$1.79/$1,000.

Clayton said, “The amazing bond rate and good pricing on the bid really completes the project. We are at a far better place than we were in March.”

In other business, the city council approved payments for the 2020 Street Improvements Project and the final payment for the Trail Improvement Project, and reviewed a report from Lyle Hevern, Estherville and Emmet County Economic Director, before going into closed session.