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Iowa has record voter turnout

State exceeds total by 100,000 votes

By Staff | Nov 4, 2020

Wednesday morning, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announced Iowa had “shattered” the previous voter turn-out record by nearly 100,000 votes. Pate cited the Secretary of State’s website where Iowans could track their absentee ballots and a page where voters could plug in their own address to find their precinct location for Election Day voting.

The pandemic of 2020 may also have been part of voter turnout as outside activities have been limited.

The previous record was in 2012 when 1,599,000 ballots were cast by Iowa voters. In the 2020 election, Iowa voters cast 1,674,972 ballots. Iowa’s total population is 3,155,000. Registered voters number 2,095,581, which Pate said is more than 90 percent of Iowa’s eligible voters.

Voter turnout in Emmet County was 77 percent as 4,869 of 6,327 registered voters cast ballots. Most of those came in absentee, as 2,616 voted absentee with 2,253 voting on election day..

In a statement late Tuesday night, Emmet County Auditor Amy M. Sathoff said, “Thank you to the Auditor’s office staff and all of Emmet County’s precinct election officials. You as election officials make democracy happen!”