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Reality: the pandemic

By Staff | Nov 21, 2020

Hearing and reading about the coronavirus day after day can be overwhelming. It’s overwhelming for us at the Estherville News to keep writing the numbers, updating the newest rules and guidelines, and amplify the voices of public health and other professionals at how important it is to follow the guidelines and keep ourselves and each other safe.

We said for the last 12 issues of the newspaper, we were looking for happy, heartwarming stories — and we still are. But we have a duty to also lift the voices of people living the current reality. So if you have lost someone to COVID, if you are a front line worker seeing the influx of patients, if you survived after a struggle, if you watched a loved one struggle, if you’re relieved that it wasn’t worse, if you’ve lost your income and looked for help due to having to quarantine, if your love is on the rocks because you can’t be a quaranteam with the one you love…we want to hear from you and interview you for stories in the newspaper.

Thank you for helping our newspaper become all it can be. We need you.

Contact Amy apeterson@esthervillenews.net or 712-330-2593.