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Winter is here

By David Swartz - Managing Editor | Dec 28, 2020

Wednesday’s storm was an abrupt change for residents in Emmet County, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.

Estherville again received recognition for the high wind gusts of the storm which began in the morning and continued until midnight. Winds reportedly gusted up to 71 miles per hour in Estherville.

Emmet County Emergency Management Director Travis Sheridan said a no-travel advisory was issued for the county about 3:30 that afternoon of Dec. 23.

“We were pretty lucky in Emmet County,” he said. “There were probably only a dozen instances or so of people in ditches.”

With another storm predicted for this Tuesday into Wednesday, Sheridan reminds residents that when a “no-travel” order is issued, people are expected to abide by it.

“You’re not only putting yourself in danger, but the rescuers as well,” he said.

Sheridan noted this week’s storm is expected to have the high winds of Dec. 23 blizzard

“They’re backing off on their predictions,” he said Sunday. But the director noted that Emmet County wasn’t expected to receive much the first time, so resident are encouraged to keep up with the forecast.

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative workers were busy Thursday morning restoring power to residents.

Ice at the beginning of the storm caused issues in the eastern and southeaster areas of ILEC’s service territory including Pocahontas, Dickinson, Emmet, and Kossuth counties.