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A shot in the arm

How to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is your time

By Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer | Jan 8, 2021

The vaccine for COVID-19 is in Emmet County. Due to the limited supply, the Iowa Department of Health has designed numbered phases so individuals will know when the vaccine will be available to them. Phase 1A includes health-care workers and skilled nursing facility residents and staff. However, employ-ees of local school districts have told the Estherville News that they have been offered the vaccine, too. School employees would fall under Phase 1b, frontline essential workers and people age 75 and older. Other Phase 1b workers include fire fighters, police officers, corrections officers, food and agricultural workers, United States Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, public transit workers, and those who work in the educational sector (teachers, support staff, and daycare workers.)Phase 1c is for people aged 65-74 years and people aged 16-64 years with underlying medical conditions and other essential workers. Those other essential workers include people who work in transportation and logistics, food service, housing construction and finance, information technology, communications, energy, law, media, public safety, and public health.For those who don’t fit into the above groups, recommendations will continue to expand. Kathy Preston, Emmet County Public Health Nurse, said the vaccine will continue to be phased in through the middle of 2021, at which point it is expected that it will be available to anyone who wants it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the goal is for everyone to be able to easily get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as large enough quantities are available.

Photos from Avera Holy Family