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20 years of adjustment

Hoyer Chiropractic opened in Estherville in 2001. Twenty years later, the Hoyers say things have changed, but their love for Estherville remains the same

By Staff | Feb 12, 2021

Hoyer Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting 2001

Dr. Cory Hoyer is a Ringsted native who runs his chiropractic practice with his wife, Michelle, and employee Robynn Hanson in downtown Estherville. Dr. Hoyer said while the ribbon cutting for his practice was 20 years ago and in a different location, it seems like it was just yesterday. Dr. Hoyer subscribes to the idea that if you find something you love to do, you never have to work a day in your life.

Michelle Hoyer said, “We love what we do. Everyone should have a job that they wake up each morning and get excited about coming in another day.”

Michelle didn’t start out as a chiropractic assistant. After Cory graduated from Waldorf College, where the couple met, he attended chiropractic school in the Twin Cities area, then had an internship in the area, while Michelle was back home in Northfield, MN working in health insurance. The office where Cory was interning had an opening for an assistant, and Cory told Michelle, “I think you’d really like this.”

Michelle said she fell in love with chiropractic.

The couple agreed after their time in the Twin Cities they wanted to return to small town life.

Dr. Cory Hoyer, right, Michelle Hoyer and Robynn Hansen at Hoyer Chiropractic, 2021

“This is our home; we love this community,” Michelle said.

Dr. Hoyer said, “The community helped us out tremendously.”

From the community’s generosity, the Hoyers said they have been inspired to give back, serving on the Estherville Parks & Rec board, Regional Wellness Center, Estherville Chamber, Estherville Lincoln Central School Board and becoming active through their church.

“Everyone in town is family to us. Our actual family is not around here but we have made family from our good friends,” Michelle said.

Dr. Hoyer said over the 20 years of practice, changes in insurance and technology have influenced the way the business runs.

Dr. Hoyer had returned to his office from AGCO where he has been involved in their wellness program, treating employees on site. Dr. Hoyer also treats GKN employees at company expense in his office.

The atmosphere of Hoyer Chiropractic has also become more…youthful. Dr. Hoyer said he treats many more children than he ever has.

“Parents see the value in chiropractic care and want their kids to thrive. Dr. Hoyer has treated children from their first day of life and up through school age.

Dr. Hoyer also said flow is more evident his his practice as he treats athletes to help them achieve their peak performance.

“Adults may be running their first marathon or competing in their first triathalon. Taking the stress off the nervous system helps them achieve optimal flow in their bodies. If the nervous system isn’t working well, the body doesn’t work well,” Dr. Hoyer said.

Spinal decompression is another newer offering at Dr. Hoyer’s clinic, and he said he was happy to be able to treat chronic disc problems with the technique.

The couple said they hope to give back even more to the community in the coming 20 years and beyond.

“Volunteering, fundraising, helping out where needed – it gives us a good feeling,” Michelle said.

The office is a welcoming place. Michelle said a community has built up in which there are those who call to ask, “Do you have the coffee on?”

Others come by the office just to talk.

Michelle said, “It’s a good feeling to help people feel better. Someone might come in experiencing miserable pain, and after they’re treated, they walk out of here feeling so much better.”

Hoyer Chiropractic is open 8 a.m to noon and 1p.m to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 p.m. To 5 p.m. Tuesday, and closed Thursday.