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Paranormal life form appears in the Square

Estherville Arts & Culture Committee makes startling discovery, offers contest with Estherville Bucks prizes

By Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer | Feb 25, 2021

Story created by Nancy Clark & Steve Danielson with reporting by Amy H. Peterson

At Tuesday evening’s regular meeting of the Estherville Arts & Culture Committee in Library Square, a blizzard gnome suddenly appeared, startling all present. As artists committed to observing and investigating, committee members waited for the gnome to speak or somehow communicate the reason for its presence.

The gnome finally spoke. “I am the ghost for a blizzard past. There are many of us. We wish to come to the community that coined the word, “blizzard,” and we need the help of your community to build us.”

Julie Clark said, “Great! I love snow projects! How do we find you if you are ghosts?”

The gnome replied, “We are already here, but in a ghostly form in the snow. If enough of your fellow citizens – families, organizations, or individuals – would help put us together, we would keep your community safe the rest of the winter.”

This blizzard gnome popped up in Library Square and told Arts & Culture Committee members its siblings and friends could appear with a little help. From left, Steve Danielson, John Clark, John Clark, Nancy Clark and Julie Clark. Photo by Amy H. Peterson

Steve Danielson said, “We can do that. We’ll run a contest and offer Estherville Bucks as prizes.”

Instructions for the contest:

Contest forms available at the Estherville Chamber office, Estherville News, and on Excel Estherville Arts & Culture’s Facebook page. Pick your own spot on Library Square to build a gnome. No snowmen. Any shape is acceptable, but good taste is required. If you use paint, it must be Tempera only. Accessorize your gnome in good taste. Bring something to haul snow. Glow sticks will be provided on the night of judging for the eyes.

Judging is Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 6 p.m in Library Square with cookies and hot chocolate served.

Prizes in Estherville Bucks: 25 for first place, 15 for second place, and 10 for third place.