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All by myself

By Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer | Mar 4, 2021

Last week, Excel Estherville Arts & Culture committee members discovered a gnome facing Highway 9 on Library Square. A competition is underway with judging Saturday night at 6 p.m., with cocoa and cookies served and prizes for the best gnome companions to this first mysterious creature. Trucks that seemed to be connected to the city of Estherville dropped raw material for new gnomes – snow – nearby to replace that lost to warmer temperatures in the area. The lone gnome was quoted as saying, “I know there’s little snow, but snow gnomes are still a go. Gno, uh, no word on whether cool nights heading into the weekend will make the snow a foe or some of the gnomes will have to be faux.

Excel Estherville Arts & Culture judges are seeing gnomes, not snow persons, accessories and tempura paint or food coloring spray encouraged. Prizes are in Estherville Bucks: 25 for first place, 15 for second and 10 for third. Judging begins promptly at 6 p.m. Saturday.