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Daily New Editorial – Shooting stars and meteors

By Staff | Dec 13, 2007

The last round of winter weather the Emmet County area received over the weekend brought to our attention a meteor–to motorists who still either refuse to or just don’t use windshield wipers, headlights or other necessary functions on their vehicles when it’s snowing or raining. Not only is it dangerous for those motorists not to use these features, it’s dangerous for the other drivers having to deal with them. We urge everyone to use wipers, headlights, etc. always when they are needed.

A shooting star to all the children in our area schools and their Christmas concert performances. Whether they’ve already happened or will happen soon, each concert provides great entertainment and shows off just how talented our children are.

A shooting star to everyone who chooses to shop locally during the holidays. Keeping those dollars in our communities helps not only our local businesses but others by keeping tax dollars at home. We should all try to shop as much as we can in our local communities.

Finally, and this is a change, a shooting star to the weather. We know we’ve been harping on Old Man Winter for the last few weeks, but he’s actually giving us a break–for now!