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Daily New Editorial – Shop locally this holiday season

By Staff | Dec 15, 2007

The holiday shopping season is nowhere near over with more than a week left until Christmas. The only question we have–or had–is where will you shop?

According to the voters in our most recent Web poll, unfortunately, most said they would do their shopping out of state–43.8 percent of voters answered that when we asked “Where do you plan to do the majority of your Christmas shopping?”

Second place was out of town with 39.6 percent of the vote. Only 14.6 percent responded they’d do it in Estherville and 2.1 percent answered in Emmet County.

We understand the allure of the big city and its overflowing department stores and malls, but we’re disappointed in these results.

By keeping your shopping at home, you’re supporting not only the businesses here and their owners, you’re also contributing to your community and its economy–not to mention the local school district.

We urge everyone to remember that local option sales tax dollars spent here in Estherville and around Emmet County stay here to help lower property taxes and other costs.

So next time you think about driving to Mankato, Minn., or Sioux Falls, S.D., first remember the gas prices and then think about how that money could be put to good use right here at home.