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Daily News Editorial – Fruitcake not first choice

By Staff | Dec 19, 2007

We weren’t being fruity when we asked, instead we simply wanted to know how many of you are during the holiday season.

The Daily News’ most recent Web poll asked voters “Do you bake/like fruitcake?” We actually were expecting a different result than what we got because of the popularity of the seasonal sweet.

What we found is that it’s more popular on the dislike/not baking side. More than 60 percent–65.4 percent, to be exact–of voters answered “No.” The other 34.6 percent proudly stated they do bake or like the fruity delight during the holidays.

Everyone has their favorite food for this time of year and fruitcake might be one of them. While it’s not for all people, it certainly brightens up the holiday for some and that’s all that matters.

There’s nothing wrong with fruitcake–it’s all a matter of taste.

Be sure to vote in our new poll at “http://www.esthervilledailynews.com.”>www.esthervilledailynews.com. This round we’re asking people to voice their opinion on “Do you think it's wise to allow Superior Ethanol to discharge its waste water into the West Fork of the Des Moines River?”

You’ll have a little longer to vote for this question because of the Christmas holiday so be sure to head over to the Web site and let us know what you think.