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Daily New Editorial – Shining stars and meteors

By Staff | Dec 20, 2007

We’ve had a couple people, via our virtual newsroom at “http://www.esthervilledailynews.com”>www.esthervilledailynews.com, inform us of the similarity between a shooting star and meteor. They are essentially the same thing in the astronomical meaning, but we were thinking of the positive and negative of both terms when we started this feature.

So, to get around the likeness of both terms, we’re changing the name of our Thursday editorials to “Shining stars and meteors.” We also want to thank the people who politely reminded us of the similarity between the two former awards.


This week we’re going to do things a little different for “
Shining stars and meteors.” Instead of awarding things that already have happened, we’re going to give you our kind of Christmas list of what we want to be shining stars.

We want a shining star for Superior Ethanol and all those entities concerned over its planned discharge of waste water into the west fork of the Des Moines River north of Estherville. We hope all sides can work out the information and come up with a solution appropriate for everyone.

We want a shining star for the Estherville Lincoln Central School District and its building projects currently under way. We hope everything goes as planned and it would even be nice if a few items came in under budget.

We want a shining star for all presidential candidates. So far, with some of what a few of them have done we’re not too impressed. While there are a few frontrunners in our books, we haven’t quite decided who would be best on either side of the aisle to run our country.

We want a shining star for our communities for continued support of local businesses, industries and events. Northwest Iowa has many attributes, but its dedication to its residents and economies is outstanding and we expect that to continue well into the future.

Finally, we want a shining star for all of you. We hope each and every one of you has a great holiday season and that all of your dreams come true.