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Daily New Editorial – Remember the good times

By Staff | Dec 27, 2007

The national media’s focus of 2007 resounds with the bad events that happened throughout the year.

War in Iraq, a tragedy on a Virginia college campus and the collapse of a Minnesota highway bridge all played a part in the headlines.

While that all has its place, individuals remember what happened to them, their families and their neighbors.

While some of those memories might not be good–a death of a close relative or friend, illness or tragedy–take time to remember the good things from the year.

The birth of a son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew brings joy to all family members. The first smiles of a young one and the antics of a child taking first steps in the world provide entertainment better than television.

A wedding celebration, the joining of two lives (hopefully forever) is another time that brings families together.

It’s fitting that Christmas comes near the end of the year–one last time to reconnect with families, see the joy of young children opening gifts and remembering Christmases past.

If upon reflection, few happy memories occurred in 2007, take time to plan events that will bring joy in 2008.