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Letter to the Editor – Why Iowa needs the next coal fired generation plant

By Staff | Jan 22, 2008

Why Iowa needs the next coal fired generation plant

To the EDN:

It’s six below zero in Northwest Iowa and Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative’s electric heating load is at peak levels and growing. Experiencing an individual power outage, system blackout or rolling brownouts, is a scenario that would not be a good thing with the life-threatening temperatures in Iowa during the winter months.

With the growing need for more safe and reliable electricity, Iowa cannot afford to run out of electricity! Quickly becoming the norm in households are cell phone, I-Pod chargers and flat panel television screens as well as many other new electrical devices in the home.

Soon there maybe plug-in hybrid electric vehicles which will add to the need for more electricity use in Iowa and throughout the United States as well.

The Sutherland Generating Station #4 facility will be equipped with best proven emission control technologies available in order to mitigate the environmental impact on Iowa’s natural resources.

In addition, the new plant’s design allows for the generating station to be carbon capture and biomass ready, which will further reduce future environmental impacts when that technology is available for implementation.

I strongly encourage the member-owners of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative and Iowa’s citizens to support this plant’s licensing by contacting the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) and providing your supportive comments either in writing or electronically:

Iowa Utilities Board

Mr. John Norris, Chair

Docket #GCU-07-1

350 Maple Street

Des Moines, IA 50319-0069

Electronically: www.state.ia.us/goverment/com/util/energy/gcu071.html

Don’t let outsiders like the former Assistant Comptroller General of New York, who testified against the plant’s licensing attempt to control Iowa’s energy destiny. Iowa’s energy future, economic development as well as the environment must coexist in a balanced common sense manner.

Help Us to Help You by being proactive and make this important IUB contact today!

Thank you for your help and assistance.


Terry L. Bruns, CPA

President/Chief Executive Officer