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Daily News Editorial – Putting safety first – Agencies work together for better communication system

By Staff | Jan 25, 2008

T is for teamwork and we are witnessing more positive outcomes because various entities in Emmet County are rolling up their sleeves around the boardroom tables while making commitments for pro bono publico –for the public good.

It was earlier this week, after a three-year process, that representatives from the E911 Board, Emmet County, Emmet County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Estherville gave the go-ahead to upgrade the radio communications system used by first responders.

The total cost is $500,000 but chunked up, it loses some of its sting; the E911 Board is committing $250,000 while the city and the county will be responsible for the remainder, at 35 percent and 65 percent respectfully.

Yes, that’s a lot of money. However all of our lives are dependent on that upgrade.

This system is the lifeline from the five dispatchers at the Emmet County Law Enforcement Center to first responders like law enforcement, fire fighters, ambulance personnel and emergency management.

When an emergency call is received, this radio communication is the only mechanism in place to alert whatever entity that needs to be paged for assistance.

The present system is antiquated and sorely needs some overdue attention. The new operating equipment will be digital capable which involves less radio interference, improved tone and enhanced range capabilities.

Kudos to the E911 Board, City of Estherville, Emmet County and the Sheriff’s Department. Thanks for putting our safety first.