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Daily News Editorial – Hats off to our road warriors

By Staff | Feb 7, 2008

No matter what you throw at them, the road crews in Emmet County, Estherville, our surrounding communities and the Iowa DOT seem to be always up to the challenge.

The snows we’ve had this winter didn’t daunt the crews that got ready before the crack of dawn to make sure the roads were cleared so the rest of us could get to work. They did a great job of it too.

We often take for granted what our road crews do for us. But they keep the lifelines open, quite literally.

So the next time you see someone driving a snowplow, wave. That driver will appreciate it.

Speaking of snowplows

As you’re driving down the road this winter, be sure to give a clear berth to those snowplows going down the road. Remember, they’re a lot wider than you are, so they need more room to negotiate the roadway.

Be particularly careful of when snowplows have to go around mailboxes, bridges, or side approaches. They may have to swing out into your lane, so watch out.

Observe parking restrictions

Avoid parking on city streets overnight. You’ll get a ticket. Remember, it’s winter and street crews need all vehicles off the streets for cleaning.

If you have car trouble late at night and your car is stalled, make sure to call the police and let them know the situation and when you plan on having your car moved. They’re pretty understanding folks as long as you’re willing to work with them.

And if you should break down in the country…

Make sure you pull over well onto the shoulder. You don’t want to compound simple vehicle problems with a car accident. Also make sure you always carry a cell phone when you’re traveling. It could save you a lot of heartache.