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Letter to the editor -Individual rights

By Staff | Feb 8, 2008

To the EDN:

Now let’s get back to the gradual usurpation of individual rights. In 1934 Germany was like most countries in the world suffering from a worldwide depression. A group of social manipulators decided, in a beer hall in Munich, that they were going to change things and make Germany the super power of the world. It was the birth of the Fascist party; their goal was to take the individual rights from the inferior ethnic groups in Germany. Jews, Gypsies, Poles, mentally ill and other non-Arian races. Hitler became chancellor, the dictator, and then evolved the brown shirts, the SS, the Gestapo and the Wermacht. Then evolved the invasion of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and England creating World War II.

As Hitler, through his Blitzkreig tactics, using his Laftevaffer Weremacht and SS rapidity expanded the occupied territory of Europe, Russia, Africa and England created so much excitement that the Germans lost all sense of usurpation of individual rights and human consciousness. They were the dominators of the western European world. While this gigantic land grab was going on a very sinister ethnic cleansing movement was taking place in Germany. First the mentally ill were collected and placed in institutions. Dr. Joseph Mengla did medical research on them and had them eliminated. The next move was to eliminate the Gypsies (so called illegal aliens) same story. Then came Crystalnacht where the focus was on the Jews. This was the beginning of the Holocaust where between Hitler and Stalin 16 million Jews were eliminated, the stories of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and many other death camps. How could this happen in a civilized society? Seventy-five years ago the Fascists subtly eliminated the individual human rights of these ethnic groups. The majority thought that as long as their rights were not being eliminated, why should they care about others. The answer is obvious, entire countries were destroyed, millions of people lost their lives, half a million Americans lives were sacrificed to regain human rights for the rest of the world!

Seventy-five years later, have we fallen into the same trap? Helmet laws, seat belt laws, non-smoking laws, illegal wiretaps, illegal aliens, no border security and many others. Also organizations like the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, IRS, Blackwater and the CIA. Maybe it is time to make sure all rights; both minority and majority rights are being protected. Maybe it is time we are making sure our senior citizens are receiving all of their rights and deserve respect.

For the past five and one-half years this country has been at war. Currently we are spending six billion dollars a week to finance this exercise. No end in sight. Are we spending billions of dollars a week to protect some foreign countries’ oil supply so we can pay them $100 a barrel for our addiction? For January through October, 43 weeks at six billion a week we could have built and paid for 702 celluolosic ethanol plants in the 15 Ag states. This ethanol production would make us independent of foreign oil importation. It would create 35,100 new jobs, 2,440 per state. One hundred cents of each dollar is spent locally. This truly would be economic stimulation. Much more than just a handout.

Rex W. Oberhelman

Fairmont, MN

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of Oberhelman’s letter.