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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Feb 21, 2008

One could say the smoke cleared in the Iowa House late Tuesday night as representative huffed and puffed over the no-smoking bill placed on the table.

And probably none of them needed a lighter in hand to get things heated up.

It is an issue that instantly sparks opinions whether pro or con.

Burning the midnight oil, legislators worked late into the night to put the measure to a vote and passed the bill seeking to ban smoking in most public places.

The vote: 56 to 44.

It’s been noted that a statewide ban would prevent Iowa from monitoring numerous smoking laws.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, has made the comment, “Everybody needs to know, this is headed toward a smoke-free society.”

We want to know how that works? How can Iowa be smoke-free if the ban exempts casinos on Iowa soil?

Because state coffers benefit heavily from casino revenues, it only stands to reason that a smoke screen would obscure the law somewhat.

Is it fair to say the state budget is addicted to income generated by gambling dollars?

There’s nothing like the smell of cigarette smoke. But there’s nothing more tantalizing than the smell of money, especially when it is being funneled to Des Moines.

The measure goes to the other side of the Capitol building where the Iowa Senate is expected to face another heated session, lighting the way to yet another battle.

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