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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Feb 28, 2008

If you were born on Feb. 29 and you’re turning 60, would you actually be 15? Or if you’re turning 80, would you be 20?

Some people would say that would be the case.

Every four years, a few people are born on Feb. 29. Now you can say that since you only have a birthday every four years that you’re a quarter of your biological age. The other way of looking at it is that you really are your biological age, but that you only have a birthday once every four years. You can still say that you’ve had a fourth as many birthdays as you really have though without being a low-down, snake-bellied liar.

However you look at it, one way might make you an optimist while the other would make you a realist.

Feb. 24-March 1 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. That might be because of those poor people who get to have birthday cake only once every four years. They probably eat a fourth of much the rest of the time too.

Feb. 24-March 1 is also Telecommuter Appreciation Week. To observe this week, you need to find someone who never leaves the house but still manages to make a living (sounds tempting, doesn’t it?).

Read Me Week is Feb. 25 through March 2. That’s quite appropriate since Texas Cowboy Poetry Week occurs at about the same time, Feb. 29 through March 2.

National Chili Day is today. What a great thing to do tonight!

Today is also Floral Design Day. So get your wife a real nice bouquet while you serve her up some piping hot chili and read a lil’ cowboy poetry to her.

And oh, this is National Tooth Fairy Day. That’s for all you folks who happen to lose a tooth in that chili.

The point of all of this is, you don’t have to wait until Christmas or Easter or Halloween. There’s always something to celebrate.

So have a great day!