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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Mar 4, 2008

The annual Farm and Home Show at the Regional Wellness Center showed that Estherville can put on such an event as well as anyone.

A wealth of demonstrations and exhibits drew a great crowd to see what’s new for both the home and agriculture. The exhibitors are to be commended for the educational value of their booths.

What’s really amazing is that, at the same time, Estherville hosted an eight-college basketball tournament, farm and home show, and an ethanol conference. That sounds like an event venue for a large city!

As Estherville continues to grow new businesses, it would be great to see more business and industry take advantage of the great resources we have in our community. As more people realize what Estherville has to offer, the more demand there will be for our community facilities. And that’s fantastic.

Increasingly, Estherville will find itself at the ‘center of things’ and no longer on the edge. Through Emmet County’s membership in the Great Lakes Corridor and stepped-up community marketing through Excel! Estherville, Estherville will find itself in increasing demand as a destination for business, industry, and recreation.

As you plan the next event for your business or nonprofit group, think of how our local facilities can help make it an even better event.