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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Mar 6, 2008

Estherville’s finest took time Wednesday to say thanks for a job well done to Cyber, the faithful yellow lab who is retiring from his police officer position.

Cyber is the 10-year veteran of the Estherville Police Department who worked side-by-side with his trainer-owner Officer Matt Reineke on search warrants, seizures and arrests.

Except for an occasional bark and friendly wag of his tail, Cyber was a quiet, obedient employee who always did what he was told and never had a complaint of any kind to bark of while on duty.

And he did it all well without whimpering or whining.

Through the years, he assisted police in getting a great many illegal substances and narcotics off of the streets in Estherville, to the tune of well over $100,000.

That’s worth his weight right there, not to mention his keep.

For the majority of the time, most of the criminals he helped collar were convicted with punishments that fit the crimes.

In 12-month calendar years, this police officer is 84 in dog years which means he is well over the respectable limit for retirement in human years!

Now that he doesn’t have to punch in any more on the time clock, Cyber will spend the rest of his days in the Reineke household and be a canine companion to the newest four-legged police employee who is currently in training out of state. The canine is expected to arrive in Estherville sometime later this spring and begin his new police duties soon after.

So to Cyber, we say so long. Thank you for the many years of faithful service to the department and to the city residents and businesses. Enjoy the easy life–you’ve earned it.