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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Mar 13, 2008

To the EDN:

I read with interest your editorial on city employees being required to live within the city limits of Estherville.

It struck me as rather odd that no one has asked that question of our school administrators. I was curious a while back and questioned Emmetsburg, Spirit Lake, Algona, and Spencer. I was not surprised to hear that out of all the administrative positions at the schools I polled only two did not live within the city much less the county they worked in.

I wish Estherville could at least make that kind of statement. We have five administrative positions in our school district if I am correct and only two live within our county. Now I know that the board will tell you we cannot LEGALLY require that.

But somewhere in there you would think there would be a moral obligation to support the tax base for the county they are working in. Given the fact we are in the middle of a large building project and many tax dollars are being used.

No, a small amount of rent does not count. Just curious to see if others felt the same way?

Betty Fernholz

Estherville, Iowa