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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Mar 26, 2008

American newspapers love and respect the First Amendment.

Without it, we certainly could not write or state personal opinions regardless of the topic.

More importantly, we in the news business would not have employment.

While this initial amendment protects all of our freedoms (religion, speech, press, right to assemble peacefully and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances), it gives newspaper hounds the right to publish governmental gathering accounts and various issues while the public has the right to free speech on personal belief and opinion, whether spoken or written.

Our mailbox here at the newspaper, both the U.S. Postal kind and electronic variety, have been overflowing with letters to the editor on one of several burning issues lately and we welcome your comments, opinions and questions.

Signed letters are published as space allows on the Opinion Page usually page 4 of the Estherville Daily News.

However, we will only publish those letters of correspondence which bear the signature, hometown and telephone number of the author(s).

You can ask why this rule is in place. Remember you have that right in this country.

We believe that if any individual has the intestinal fortitude to write a comment, opinion or question, then this person must have the intellectual strength to claim the written correspondence.

We require a phone number because once we are in receipt of a letter, someone in the newsroom places a phone call to verify the name on the letter is indeed the same exact individual who put the words on paper or in cyberspace. Phone numbers are not published.

This also provides all of us a source of protection, especially from libelous situations.

Thank you for your letters to the editor. And thank you for exercising your First Amendment rights!