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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Mar 27, 2008

Hang onto your hat … your scarf, boots and mittens too! Winter has boomeranged into northwest Iowa.

There is something terribly wrong with this snapshot since Easter is behind us, spring sports and prom seasons before us.

Warmer weather and light jackets should rule.

Save your protests! It doesn’t pay to yell foul because the howling winds, whether from the east, south, north or west, are deafening at times. They are known to override our cries as we scurry to the car, to the office and then back home at the end of the day.

At press time, Estherville and the surrounding area were bracing for a new dump of precipitation which doesn’t align with the calendar. But again, we remember Iowa is our home, where the fickle weather plays tricks with temperatures and precipitation on any given day.

Thinking of spring warms us a bit as we wait for the new season to take hold.

To jumpstart this thought process, the Estherville Daily News will feature a Home Improvement Section in Friday’s edition. Suggestions on different ways to spruce up the interior and exterior of dwellings will be included as well as tips on landscaping.

Remember too March trounced in like a lion. So that mean it must depart as the soft, gentle lamb. That’s our hope!