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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Apr 5, 2008

Once upon a time, in the fair city of Estherville, spring finally arrived and it was a glorious feeling.

Robins and various assorted feathered friends have been singing their seasonal songs of joy at the crack of dawn for several weeks. Ignoring their freezing feathers, they knew exactly what was supposed to be happening. Mother Earth, however, had other ideas as the ground was still frozen white and the temperatures hovered on the chilly side of life with mostly gray skies and nippy winds.

And Friday morning was no exception. The calendar said April 4 but many of us had to scrape a layer of frost off the windshield to get to work.

But it was a positive sign to see the street sweeper making the appointed rounds before 7:30 a.m. in downtown Estherville.

Once the sun burst onto the scene, its glow warmed until the temperature shot up past the 60s. The wind was brisk, but that’s a given in northwest Iowa.

Everywhere we looked, there were folks of all ages in shorts, flip flops, light spring jackets, thoroughly enjoying the change.

The best part was that smiles ruled. It is a good feeling when everyone’s attitude is adjusted upward.

Nothing seemed to affect the mood of the moment. It didn’t even matter the price of gasoline jumped up five cents overnight.

Sunny and warm days are just what we need. Winter was somewhat too long and very drawn out. The days of sweaters and mittens are winding down and to that we shout, “Amen!”

So when out and about, be mindful of our precious youth who have been cooped up for the past six or so months. They all have to relearn the rules of safety when walking, biking, and yes, running where ever vehicles are moving.

Enjoy the spring weather while you can because the forecast for Sunday does not sound like how a fairy tale should end.