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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Apr 8, 2008

Dedication of the Regional Emergency Response Training Center Saturday at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg is a great example of what can happen when people put their collective efforts together.

It’s no accident that the first word in the name of the new facility is “regional”. And that’s just exactly what it needs to be.

If our firefighters, EMS personnel, and police are to have the best and latest technology available, then everyone needs to pool resources. Obviously, not every fire department can have the biggest ladder truck or pumper available. But if everyone cooperates, those biggest ladder trucks and pumpers should be available at least regionally.

Hopefully, by seeing past city boundaries and county lines, we can all work together to make ours a safer place.

For some years now, the Iowa Legislature has talked about mandating that cities and counties share services. They have put the carrot out to encourage such sharing, but the whip isn’t quite there yet.

Hopefully, the growing spirit of cooperation in our area will prevent the state from telling us how to share services and when to do that.

No one would be happy with that.