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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Apr 11, 2008

Well, it finally happened. Gas hit an all-time high again this week.

This brings about a number of questions:

n Have we started to think about buying more fuel-efficient vehicles lately? Or are we going to go ahead and buy that 7.2-liter monster.

n Will we consider car pooling? Even if it’s just for a shopping trip? After all, it’s more fun to shop with someone else (unless you’re both compulsive shoppers and enable each other, of course).

n Will we consider buying an E-85 vehicle and support our own local economy rather than someone in the Mideast who uses oil profits to buy weapons that will be used against American troops?

n Or how about a hybrid. Will we consider making that our next choice for a new car?

n Will we consider making fewer and shorter unnecessary trips?

n Will we ask our congressmen and senators to not give tax breaks to oil companies that make billions upon billions of profits every year while investing a pittance in renewable energy?

n Will we relent and consider offshore drilling where there are known abundant oil reserves?

n Will we demand that our government step up research and development in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power?

There are a lot of choices out there that we can make. The problem is that we don’t think of those choices until it’s too late and we’re forced to cut our use of gasoline dramatically.

The time to think about such fuel-saving measures is when we’re not facing skyrocketing fuel prices. That means planning ahead for the future rather than reacting to the present. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t seem to think any further ahead then the next fill-up.

And we’re all paying a higher price at the pump because of it.