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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Apr 15, 2008

High-school artists from throughout the Corn Belt Conference displayed their art at the annual art show held Monday at the Graettinger High School Gymnasium. And it was a show to behold.

Work ranged from watercolors to charcoal to pottery to sculptures. There were even a few pieces that “pushed the edge” a bit enough to get the average person to react and think about them.

The incredible range and variety of artwork showed that our high-school art teachers are doing a remarkable job of drawing talent from these young artists. Furthermore, it showed how important art is to everyone’s lives.

For many students, art is the class they live for. They might be doing so-so in math or English or science, but when it comes to art, their spirits soar. That’s why it is so important that we keep art as part of the curriculum in every high school.

If you don’t think art is important, just go to an auction benefit featuring wildlife art. Even locally, such art brings some big prices, proving that people in northwestern Iowa appreciate great art.

Even if a student decides not to pursue art as a career, having art as a vocation is a wonderful way for students to enrich their lives. As they grow older and enter retirement, they will still have art to hold onto to give their lives significance and meaning.

We hope that parents encourage their children’s artistic endeavors. We also hope that parents everywhere fight to keep art in their high-school curriculum for the reasons we’ve discussed.

Math, science, and business might make it easier to make a living. But art gives us something to live for.