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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Apr 16, 2008

It comes as no surprise the motoring public is thinking twice, perhaps three times before mindlessly driving here and there.

More drivers are learning to conserve precious gasoline and making do with less traveling whether out of town or closer to home.

It appears the sun has set on lavish activities involving gasoline and the spending of the ever-shrinking dollar.

The latest poll question on the Estherville Daily News website posed the question: “Due to Gas Prices, What Kind of Travel Are You Omitting?”

Keep in mind those who took time to take part in the survey could only select one answer.

It no huge revelation that of the 163 total respondents, 45 percent selected the answer, “All Kinds of Trips.”

Because the economy is turning rancid, most consumers are tightening the strings on purses.

Twelve percent said they have elected to omit trips to malls and stores.

In this instance, it is a lose-lose proposition from an economic standpoint across the board. Shoppers are refusing to waste the gasoline to be able to spend money freely on items they would buy in stores. Consumers are in a stalled holding pattern as are store managers.

For the economy to work at a healthy pace, money has to change hands and goods have to move!

And we all know there is that certain high percentage of the population that was born to shop! Not only is this frustrating to the shoppers but to the business owners too.

Another 12 percent of respondents noted vacations have been eliminated from the list of things to do. That too is another hit to the American economy.

Restaurants seemed to have fared well in the poll as only 6 percent have limited dining out.

The best part of the survey is that only 2 percent of participants indicated that high gasoline prices is affecting their interest in children’s activities.

Let’s hear it for everyone who continues to support our youth! We have to be there for our children no matter what else is happening in the world.

On the flip side, another choice provided its own kind of stunned amazement in that another 24 percent said no trips are being eliminated from busy lifestyles.