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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Apr 23, 2008

To the EDN:

The following is a price comparison between Spencer Municipal Utilities and Mediacom.

My bill compared to an SMU subscriber.

Mediacom SMU

NO NFL, Golf, Big 10 YES


54.95 TV 22.99

2.89 State tax 1.95

2.76 Franchise fee 1.15

.58 Local option .78

FCC .07 Federal .43

Total 61.27 Telephone 15.36

Qwest 24.58 Long Distance 1.71 (varies)

Long distance 2.31 (varies) SMU 44.37

Total 26.89

Grand Total 88.16 (98.6 percent higher than SMU)

We have had a 37.9 percent increase in our cable TV in the past five years. if Spencer can provide this service, why can’t Estherville? No doubt additional equipment and personnel would be needed, but we would have local control, create new jobs locally and the dollars stay in Estherville

Roger Moe


Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Apr 23, 2008

To the EDN:

The editorial in the Saturday edition hit the nail on the head; economics cannot explain current fuel prices. I visited the website and submitted a letter. Thanks you for including this information in the editorial.

Awhile back I watched a documentary on HBO called “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

I watched because of the rising gas prices, otherwise it would not have caught my attention. It was an eye-opening documentary. The electric cars in the documentary were restricted to about 150 miles per charge, but these cars were developed and used years ago. Had the cars been given time for further development and evolution of the technology, it would have had higher miles per charge by now. The company that developed and manufacured the electric cells for the car was purchased by the U.S. automaker. In less than a year that automaker sold it to a major oil company who ended production of the cells and “killed” the electric car.

The website for the documentary and group of activists is:


I do not claim to know the ultimate solution to this energy crisis, but I would like to hope that all viable alternatives are being explored in earnest.

Lisa Fernholz,


Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Apr 23, 2008

To the EDN:

I read the article by Michael Tidemann titled “Ads Anger Pork Producers” with great interest, because I have friends and family in Emmet County, and because I live in Kossuth County, right next door.

I was disappointed at the negative slant of the article, and the misconception of the mission of the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

I’m a proud member of this organization, and I know full well the negative image we’ve had in past, because it’s been perpetuated by the people who don’t want to be held accountable for polluting our air, water and land.

The reality is, I grew up here, and have worked and lived and enjoyed wonderful friendships with farmers all my life. In fact, we’re still good friends. That’s who Iowa CCI is. We’re the people at the grocery store, the library, the grandma sitting next to you in church, and the couple applauding loudly at our kids’ school programs. We’re from all walks of life, and believe it or not, many of our members are farmers!

We’re absolutely NOT anti-livestock, anti-modern agriculture, or heaven forbid, longing for the 50’s and 60’s! The money to run this organization comes from its members, from fundraisers, from donations, from churches and from foundations.

As Mr. Madden stated in reference to the large hog confinement industry, “They can’t deny they have a problem.” He’s absolutely right. There is a problem, and the hog industry created it. They’re the ones that should fix it. It’s called the cost of doing business. Every business has to follow regulations, and when those regulations don’t protect the private sector, the regulations have to change.

I strongly urge you to go to the website http://www.Iowacci.org and find out for yourself what we’re all about. We’re your neighbors, and we’re just trying to make this a better place for all of us.


Kathy Fraser,