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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | May 3, 2008

To the EDN:

Those of you who can remember the cartoon “Woody Woodpecker” remember the large, shaggy haired, redheaded Woodpecker. Well, he now lives in our state park, Fort Defiance. I have seen him only a couple of times, which was a great thrill. When you see him, you definitely know it. His red shaggy head stands out not to mention his size of about 18 inches tall. He can be heard throughout the park making a loud call, which sounds like a jungle bird. This bird is not common to our area so we have a rarity. Those driving through the park may have noticed some large holes in tree trunks. “Woody” made these. This Woodpecker is known by the name Pileated Woodpecker. Those who are to young for the cartoon try googling it for more information and make a trip out to Fort Defiance to find him. With the price of gas going up, stay around Estherville to find this rare bird and enjoy the park. Happy bird watching.

Lori Donovan

Friends of Fort Defiance