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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 7, 2008

Emmet County voters will have some key decisions to make in the June 3 primary and in the November general election. While it is every citizen’s responsibility to vote, it is equally everyone’s responsibility to become adequately informed on the candidates and issues in order to make a responsible decision at the polls.

We all know those decisions will include our leaders at the state and national level. Equally important, though, local voters will decide on candidates for Emmet County auditor, sheriff, and supervisor.

These are important decisions that will affect our day-to-day life. While what goes on in Washington determines how our federal tax dollars are spent and what happens in Des Moines determines how our state sales tax and road use dollars are spent, what happens in Emmet County government determines how our local property and sales tax dollars are spent.

Another important issue this fall before Emmet County voters, with the exception of Armstrong and Ringsted, will be another 1-cent local option sales tax. Since Armstrong and Ringsted voters approved the tax in the 1997 election, they will not vote on the issue Sept. 26, the tentative date for the special election on the tax. However, voters throughout the rest of the county will vote on the tax.

We urge you to read the news analysis on the front page of today’s Estherville Daily News for an explanation of what the extra penny sales tax is all about.

We feel it is very important that you make an informed decision.