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Daiily News Editorial

By Staff | May 16, 2008

The United States Constitution is constantly working to make sure equality seeps into every aspect of American life.

One of its best guarantees afforded to all Americans over the age of 18 is:

The Right to Vote.

This easy act is what makes our country be a little bolder, stand out a little brighter and be the place where foreigners want to live.

Just imagine what life in these United States would be like if our forefathers and stubborn colonists did not have the stiff backbone to stand up to King George III.

This king expected the colonies to stay under his royal rule. The idea in his brain was the colonists could supply financial help to reduce England’s enormous amount of debt. The colonists’ revolt caught him off-guard as his nation was thrust into the American War of Independence.

If George’s troops were the victors, we would not be the United States of America. There would be no president, no Capitol Hill, no Washington, D.C., no Constitution, no freedom of religion/speech/press and no American way of life.

There would be sovereignty to a royal figure living across the Atlantic Ocean and yes, our farthings, pences and pounds would be stashed in merry olde England.

If for no other reason but to pay homage to the brave men who believed in the fight for independence, fought the best fight ever and perhaps lost their lives in doing so, we need to preserve that dauntless spirit by going to the polls on Iowa Primary Day, Tuesday, June 3 and vote!

When reading the newspaper, it is obvious how many humans live on this planet in deplorable conditions without a voice or rights or freedoms or privileges.

This is still the land of plenty where the brave and free call home. Let’s keep it that way.

It doesn’t matter what your religion, political affiliation, personal beliefs are. We are all American who have the liberty to say our piece at the polls.

Let’s make sure our voices are loud and clear on Tuesday, June 3, Tuesday, Aug. 26 and Tuesday, Nov. 4.

This is one right we cannot afford to lose.