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Letter to the editor

By Staff | May 22, 2008

I have been happy to live in a community where there has always been a good relationship between its citizens and its schools. I was proud when the recent bond issue passed by a high percentage and when special tax referendums were approved. This is the way it should be – schools and citizens working together for the common good of is people. I am writing because I can see a breakdown in this relationship in the future and that bothers me. Of course I am talking about the custodian/pay issue.

If there was one lesson to be learned by us all when the Morrell plant closed, it was that good wages help the town. Those salaries kept Estherville going for many years and we all benefited. Many of us know these custodians personally – they are our neighbors and our friends and we want to see them make a living that will allow them to support their families. We look upon this outsourcing idea with contempt! It can destroy the good will that, up until now, has made Estherville a wonderful town in which to live. It seems to contradict the Excel! program that the community is trying to establish. We want to support our town and the people who work here, and not to lose the friendly atmosphere of this place. Outsourcing hurts Estherville!

I hope the school board will carefully look at all the possible future consequences of this short-sided idea- you could save a few dollars now and create much hostility in the future. Do you want a constant stream of angry letters to the paper and citizen protest groups at every board meeting? Do you want organized opposition to every new idea? Why lose the good will that took so long to develop?

Common sense will tell you that this is a very bad idea! Let’s support our schools and its employees and move on to continue a good relationship between school and community.

Don Brown,