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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 3, 2008

Today is a day for which many have fought and died — it’s election day, and the day in which you get the chance to exercise your right to vote.

It’s far more than a right, though. Voting is in fact a responsibility of any responsible citizen. And it’s easy to see it as such.

If you consider the fact that jury duty is a civic responsibility, voting is as well. After all, as a juror you may be deciding between the freedom of an individual versus the freedom of society to live in peace. You have to weigh the evidence and decide whether the preponderance of evidence beyond a doubt leads to a verdict of guilty or innocent.

Voting is very much the same thing. You, as a voter, are deciding whether those who serving in public office have done their jobs well or not. If they have not, then you are deciding who is the best person to replace that individual.

Some people may tell themselves that it’s not necessary to vote since it’s just a primary. However, there are primary races for both parties today. And it’s not only your privilege, but your responsibility, to determine who is the best candidate.

Some people may say they don’t want to vote because they don’t know enough about the candidate. Well, everyone certainly knows something about some of the candidates. If you honestly don’t know anything about either candidate, don’t vote for that particular race.

However, there’s still time to educate yourself about the candidates. Go to your local library and look at back copies of last Tuesday and Wednesday’s Daily News to get up to speed on the candidates’ viewpoints. And then go vote.

When the first free elections were held in Iraq in decades, a majority of eligible voters participated in many areas. That was because they would have been executed if they had dared exercise their voice during the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Shouldn’t we have an even higher turnout in our free society?