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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 24, 2008

There is nothing more terrifying than:

n A child is missing.

n A boat has capsized and one individual cannot be located in the water.

n Numerous individuals were injured with broken bones, multiple bruises and abrasions.

n The Jaws of Life are needed to extricate a badly injured driver.

Any one of these scenarios is traumatic enough for the victims, families and First Responders. So imagine if they happened simultaneously.

Then consider what resources and manpower need to come together to save something priceless – our lives.

To be as efficient as possible in those heart-wrenching times when Mother Nature unleashes her fury or when manmade accidents overshadow our existence, folks who are in the business of protecting us study and practice techniques. They coordinate within their units as well as other agencies to give us the best possible rescue.

Countless firefighters, law enforcement officials, and personnel from emergency management, emergency medical services, public health, state patrol, department of transportation, Red Cross and the hospital held a drill with the assistance of numerous volunteer victims Saturday. The elaborate stage was set so that a mock tornado churned through Wolden Park on what otherwise was a typical sunny, warm summer day in Emmet County. But isn’t that just like life – so unpredictable?

So we say thanks and give a big round of applause to everyone who sacrificed many hours over the past several months to plan the mock disaster.

Let’s hope Emmet County and its communities can duck any type of large-scale trauma. But we can breathe easier knowing we are in capable and steady hands of those who truly care for the rest of us 24/7.