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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 25, 2008

GKN of Armstrong and Estherville dove in and pooled together in a big way when it announced Tuesday that it was donating $75,000 over the next five years to the Armstrong pool project.

The donation will come in $15,000 yearly increments. Altogether, along with other funds pledged or in hand, $292,000 has been raised to date toward the $300,000 that the Armstrong Aquatic Center Committee needs for its share of the $800,000 project.

GKN has proven yet again what a good neighbor it is to our entire area. The company’s dedication and commitment speaks loads of the integrity of the company.

It’s not all over yet for the Armstrong Aquatic Center Committee, though. Friday and Saturday July 4-5 the community will have its annual bang-up Fourth of July celebration and the fundraising will continue. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the people on the Armstrong Aquatic Center Committee, it appears as though they will not only meet but beat their $300,000 goal.

The pool is largely completed with a little remaining work, including the bathhouse. It should be open around July 15. Donations toward the pool project may be sent to: Armstrong Aquatic Center Fund, P.O. Box 229, Armstrong, IA 50514.

So if you want to have a good time this Fourth of July weekend, you know where to go. Armstrong is not only a great place to have a great time. It’s also a great place to help these fine folks make their dream of a pool a reality.