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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 26, 2008

No matter how you look at it, the Estherville Noon Kiwanis loves the color green.

The admiration is two-fold.

First, Kiwanians are stepping up the recycling program to help maintain the green scene rolling across this nation. Citizens are encouraged to take their stacks of paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard to the recycling trailer located at 2803 Murray Road, on the site of the former Woodland Container building.

Collections of old phone books, hardcover (with jackets removed) and soft cover books are also accepted.

It is that time of year when folks go through closets and basements and get rid of unnecessary stuff. If you find paper items, take them to the trailer in plastic bags, boxes or bundles.

Now for the second-part of the two-fold love of green.

It appears the Kiwanians will be receiving money for this ecological effort. The more that’s recycled the more greenbacks the members receive.

The group will pass it on in a neighborly fashion and continue to support:

n Three Iowa Lakes Community College scholarships.

n Cub Scouts.

n Little League.

n Special Olympics.

n Halloween Association.

n Meals on Wheels.

n National Honor Society.

n Emmet County Food Pantry.

n Emmet County Kinship.

n Post Prom.

n Emmet County 4-H.

n Regional Wellness Center.

Their motto proclaims they hope to the change the world one child and one community at a time.

In our book, there are some mighty nice neighbors who belong to Estherville Noon Kiwanis who are doing their part to help all of us.