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By Staff | Jul 1, 2008

Tonight the Friends of Fort Defiance will be working again on trails, and you’re invited to come out and help them on another work night at Fort Defiance State Park at 6 p.m.

Be sure to bring a pair of gloves, maybe a jug of water, and some bug repellent. You don’t have to be a Friends member to help.

Get reel about mowing

Does the high price of gas have you down?

Why not do something about it and buy yourself a reel mower. (Note that we said reel and not real).

Reel mowers are either in stock or can be ordered at any hardware or discount store. Reel mowers are operated strictly under human power, so no gasoline is involved. They’re a little tricky to use (one of our staff members bought one to try it out). The idea is to set it on the highest setting and try to make sure your lawn is as free from twigs as possible. A toothpick will stop a small reel mower cold so you have to stop to pull the twig out, so we suggest buying a little larger one, say 18-20 inches in width. If you buy the 14-inch model, you’ll be spending the entire rest of our summer just mowing your lawn.

If you keep them well oiled and the blades sharp, reel mowers should last at least as long as a regular push power mower. They’re much more environmentally friendly. And, while they’re a little more work, you’ll get a tremendous sense of satisfaction at having mowed your lawn totally under human power.

Also, if you have teenagers in the house, making them mow the lawn with a reel mower will make them too tired to get into trouble this summer.

Kick those butts out of your life

Still smoking? Even with the smoking ban that went into effect today?

You poor devil.

National everything month

June is National Ice Cream Month, Hot Dog Month, Horseradish Month, and Bikini Month.

Need we say anything else?