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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 3, 2008

Independence-can you imagine being American without it?

Life as we know would not have been molded if the patriots lacked stiff backbones and cowardly complied with all of the British king’s demands in the 18th century.

But King George obviously pushed too many buttons for John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and the remaining 54 men who signed the Declaration of Independence between Aug. 2, 1776 and Jan. 22, 1777. This group of revolutionaries believed the 13 colonies could be quite successful and by all accounts richer without the king’s tyrannous authority and interference.

Were they afraid?

Probably. But their determination to be free from the dark shadow of a domineering Great Britain was overwhelming for the new Americans.

It was this guts to glory fighting spirit that has buoyed this nation above the others for the past 232 years. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder to defend each other and this nation from every kind of threat imaginable. Americans today uphold the same beliefs as our forefathers who blazed a bright but rugged trail to independence.

While internal debates continue from politics to religion to whatever else we do not see eye-to-eye, we as Americans know we are entitled to our personal opinions and have the law on our side when choosing to express opinions in public.

The foundation of the United States of America lies within the confines of the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution known as the Bill of Rights. That’s where our beloved liberties are etched.

While life ebbs and flows with the ever-changing patterns of societal issues, most of us find comfort in knowing our basic rights will never diminish.

Freedom of religion, speech, press and whether we peacefully assemble or carry arms-there’s no right or wrong here-it is what we choose to, or not to do.

As we celebrate our independence Friday with the Flight Breakfast, Armstrong Fourth of July celebrations, family, friends, feasts and fireworks, we thankfully live in the greatest place on earth.

Celebrate your independence proudly. It’s an American tradition!